Hi Everyone, I recently had Dorothy (Dosa) Salvatori do a photo shoot and a video shoot in New Jersey/New York State. Her high end work coupled with her out of the box creativity created amazing results. She puts on her creative think which translates into a seamless day of shooting. I urge anyone who is in search of quality and creative photographic/video work to seek her out. Thanks Dosa ,  Medium AmLight and Love, Medium Armand 🙂
Armand Egidi

Medium, LCSW, Down To Earth, LCSW

I had the wonderful opportunity to travel with Eco-Raw Educator and Chef, Dosa, to the Raw Living Expo 2014 in California, and was so excited to see her presented the Best of Raw Eco-Raw Educator of the year . Dosa is an excellent raw food chef and educator on ecological and sustainable living. As a photographer, I was impressed with how she captures the very beauty of the moment. That's why the cover of my new book, Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families, was shot with all its delight and happiness by the top eco-raw photographer, Dosa. Karen Ranzi

Dorothy (Dosa) is the real deal. Her photography is amazing. She puts her heart and soul into her work; which makes her a true artist. She is a delight to be around, she engages easily, making sure the client gets what they envision. I highly recommend Dosa.
Sherry Lawson


"Starting from the heart, Dorothy's images through her lens not only capture people's spirit but the moments in between mostly unseen.  She not only embraces each person with her generous soul, she goes the extra mile to make all who surround her a part of her art"
"Raw Chef Dosa is one of the frontier raw chef's to make a fairly distinct food offering into a personal experience that even the most amateur cook can benefit from.  I've taken so many of her simple recipes and integrated them into my daily menu.  I'm so grateful to have her almond & cashew milk/cream recipes which are an enriching addition to my daily intake of lactose-free liquids"
Maeve Hoglund

Performer & Soprano

Her raw food dishes are simply to "live" for and her photography of food brings out the best in every dish she photographs . . .
Jane Karuschkat

Life Coach, Nutritional Consultant a.k.a. Raw Chef Jane